Lorenzo Gaston – IoT Payments World 2018

Lorenzo Gaston

Technical Director, Smart Payment Association

Lorenzo Gaston

Technical Director, Smart Payment Association


Lorenzo Gaston is the Technical Director of Smart Payment Association (SPA). The primary purpose of the SPA Technical Director is to assist in the coordination and alignment of technical activities for the organization, to contribute technical expertise, innovation capability and field experience in the area of payment technology in standardization bodies.

Lorenzo has an extensive experience and track record in international standard organizations and regulatory bodies, as a renowned contributor as well as a recognized advisor, in particular in the domains related to smart devices, payment and security.

Lorenzo is the Spokesperson of the Vendor Sector in the ECSG, Chair of the Task Force to specify the SEPA functional and security requirements for emergent & remote payments (Internet + Mobile), Convenor of the Expert Team on Card Innovative Payments.

He is a contributor to the Second European Directive on Electronic Money.

He is also :

  • Member of ISO TC68 SC7 WG10 Mobile Financial Services representing le Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaires
  • Member of the Commission Nationale CN2 Sécurité des Services Financiers (CFONB).
  • Editor of ISO 12812 part 2 Security of Mobile Financial Services and ISO 12812 part 4 Mobile Person-to-Person Payments.

He was a former Chair of e-Europe Smart Card Charter TB7 Multi-applicative Cards and systems and a founding member and former Chair of CEN TC224 WG15 European Citizen Card and a former expert of ISO JTC1 SC17 WG4 (contact cards) and WG8 (contactless cards) representing AFNOR.

Lorenzo hold patents on electronic money and biometrics and has written numerous published papers for the Smart Payment Association.

Lorenzo, a Spanish national, having lived in France for 20 years is a Sup Telecom Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna.

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