Preliminary Program – IoT Payments World 2018

Preliminary Program

Exploring impacts of IoT and PayTech convergence
Leveraging new IoT commerce opportunities
Securing the “invisible” payments
DAY 1 – Tuesday 27 March
IoT: An Emerging Payments Ecosystem?
Secure Techs for IoT Payments Retail & e-Commerce
Protecting & Managing Identity Wearables & Smart Home
DAY 2 – Wednesday 28 March
IoT: Building New Payment Experiences
Automotive Tutorial / Masterclass
Finance & Banking Services
Future of Payment Infrastructures

DAY 1 - Tuesday 27 March

10.00 am: Opening

IoT: An Emerging Payments Ecosystem?

Payments can potentially be embedded in 5 billion connected devices: are IoT and Payments stakeholders ready – How IoT is Transforming the Payments Landscape – What role for the IoT and Payments stakeholders in the new value chain – Where are the revenues opportunities

Day 1
27 Mar 2018

From Contactless to IoT Payments: Market Key Figures and Trends

Christophe Zehnacker

KEYNOTE Commerce for Every Device (Title TBC)

Jean-Michel Reynoird

KEYNOTE IoT Impact on the Financial Services Industry (Title TBC)

Pierre Marchand

KEYNOTE Big Data & IoT for New Payment Experience and Business Opportunities (TBD)

OPENING PANEL: How to Make IoT Commerce Truly Mainstream? – Ecosystem Challenges

12.45 pm – 2.00 pm: Lunch Break

Seamless Payments Security:
Hardware Challenges

IoT payment devices security – HW & Cloud-based approaches – Security Management issues – Will the IoT create new payment fraud?

Day 1
27 Mar 2018
Tim Hartog

Disecting Mobile Payment Security – A Lab Perspective

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

GlobalPlatform – Standardized On-Device NFC Technology for Secure Mobile Payment (Title TBC)

Brian Schleisner

Secure Life Cycle Management for IoT Payment Devices

PANEL: Addressing the tokenization challenges in an IoT World

Paying with Merchant IoT Devices: IoT Payments innovating RETAIL

Moving beyond current m-payment methods and traditional points of sale to IoT devices payments – How IoT fits into the omni-channel experience – From wallet to beacons: lessons of proximity payments

Day 1
27 Mar 2018
Gregoire Toussaint

The advent of Connected Commerce

Alain Delperdange

m-wallet deployments in Europe (Title TBC)


Smart Screen Use Cases (Title TBC)

Francois Lecomte-Vagniez

Building the Future of Retail (Title TBC)

PANEL: On the road to invisible payments and contextual commerce, will we still need point-of-sale terminals?

4.00 – 4.30 PM: COFFEE BREAK

Protecting and Managing Digital Identity

Providing true seamless authentication – Blockchain and other enablers – KYC challenges

Day 1
27 Mar 2018
Olivier Maas

ID Blockchain – How can Self Sovereign Identity Unleash Digital Payment?

John Erik Setsaas

Behavioral Biometrics to Address the PSD2/SCA requirements


Trustest Identities for Payment (Title TBC)

PANEL: How to achieve Customers Data Management and GDPR compliance at the IoT scale?

Paying with Consumer IoT Devices: WEARABLES & SMART HOME

Forecasters predict 62 per cent of wearables will feature payment functionality by 2020. The increase in payment-enabled wearables is driven by demand for contactless and payments and improved security

Day 1
27 Mar 2018
Jean-Claude Barbezange

H2O Project: Usage of Personal Secured Wearable in Omni-Channel Shopping

Renaud Acas

What could be the IoT Payments Killer App? (Title TBC)

Fabien Raiola

Implications of Payment 2.0 – Smart Secure Ring (provisional)

John Devlin

Voice Payments and Conversational Commerce (Title TBC)

PANEL: Implementation best practices: Why and how to leverage payments in my IoT product or service?

7.00pm – Awards Ceremony

DAY 2 – Wednesday 28 March

8.30 am: Opening

Grand Plenary

As consumer-facing IoT solutions rise, consumers are beginning to adopt new ways of paying for good and services. Lessons of contactless/mobile payment for new IoT payments and commerce-related experiences. What do customers want from IoT and which players can give it to them?

Day 1
28 Mar 2018
Michel Léger

KEYNOTE Rise of the Machine Shopper (Title TBC)

Violette Bouveret

KEYNOTE Key Success Factors to Seize IoT Payments Opportunities (Title TBC)

Francois Lecomte-Vagniez

PANEL: From Payment to Customer Engagement: How to Boost Adoption?

10.30 am – 11.00 am: Coffee Break

Paying with Consumer IoT Devices:
AUTOMOTIVE Business Opportunities

By 2020, research firm Gartner predicts that the number of connected cars produced annually will reach 61 million. Today it is around 13 million (most connecting via in-car ‘infotainment’ screens). First in-car payments cases lessons – Why and how to leverage payments in cars? – Where are the revenues opps?

Day 1
28 Mar 2018
Ranjeet Khanna

Securing In-Vehicle Payments with IoT Security Platforms

Sandrine Macé

PANEL: Where do IoT Payments Sit in the Connected-Car Experience? (Title TBC)

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm: Lunch Break


IoT devices can make financial institutions the easiest brand to engage with – Leveraging the wealth of IoT data to build highly accurate account profiles of customers, to increase engagement, boost customer relationships, and improve retention rates – enhancing experience at the ATM.

Day 1
28 Mar 2018
Elias Ghanem

KEYNOTE IoT role in the digital transformation of financial services (Title TBC)

Future of Payments Infrastructures

Role of Payment industry in the IoT payments landscape: Payment networks and providers required capabilities for the management of IoT Payments. Impact of real-time and micropayments explosion on payment infrastructures and services providers?

Day 1
28 Mar 2018
Elina Mattila

KEYNOTE IoT Impacts on Banks (Title TBC)

Lorenzo Gaston

IoT impact on payments infrastructure (Title TBC)

Elias Ghanem

PANEL: In the context of EU Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) and new payments schemes, how financial sector players should reinvent themselves?

5.15 PM: End of the conference